Dear friend,
Why am I presenting these specific books to you? I want your inner world to be as rich, as bright and glorious as these books and the most powerful and necessary messages that live in them. I have chosen the best time when every healthy seed grows. Your pure inner world is filled with a special substance, it strengthens you. How can yeast, being so small, produce a full, abundant piece of bread? That ‘s how you GROW by mastering these books. In the broadest sense of the word. You provide health for your mental and soul. A writer is like a sower. The seed must be sown at the right time. And you, you must not let these seeds be blown away. How long is the teacher present,caring for and nurturing the sprouts? It is the most important time. The rest has to be done yourself. These books, my dear friend, are the CERTIFICATES of the teacher’s constant presence. Hold on tight, like the apple of your eye. In the future, that light will open and spread. It will be constantly evaluated and re-evaluated. It will enlighten your life. Like the mother who gave you life and the teacher who gave meaning to your life with knowledge, they can not always be by your side. But beside you, faithfully, there will always be these books and all other books that you will choose YOURSELF.
I wish you good luck.